My Way. Part 1

Greetings, friends!

Today I want to share with you my story, namely, how I came into the world of architecture and how my company SIO appeared.
Starting my career as an interior designer, I have done a tremendous amount of work over the past 15 years: from working in a company supplying furniture from Italy, to working as a designer with small private clients. At first I realized small rooms, local spaces, and then began to appear full-fledged independent objects in the form of apartments of different sizes, small houses, shopping centers and restaurants.
"The field requires my in-depth study with the ability to implement my philosophy of living space, starting with its very basics – architecture."

This experience made me realize that my vocation is to work in private interiors, because I am close to the sphere of creating coziness and ergonomics of living space.

As the size of the objects grew, I realized that it made sense to rearrange some of the finished spaces to get a more expressive result, and when my proposals were supported by the clients, we began to involve professional architects in this work.

It was becoming more and more obvious to me that this sphere requires my profound study with an opportunity to realize my philosophy of living space, starting from the very basics - architecture. The more so because in Moscow, as in many cities around the world, there is a large amount of obsolete architecture, which requires a professional approach to reconstruction and adaptation to new standards of modern life.

It was decided – I'm studying to be an architect!

Architecture bureau SIO | Country house 2600 square meters in the village "Lesnoy Prostor"

The education of an interior designer is 6.5 years of study and a large volume of applied disciplines: composition, painting, materials science, sculpture, layout, descriptive geometry. Many of these subjects suited me for credit and allowed me to take my master's course at the architectural institute.

Of course, I studied the Moscow Alma mater MARKhI, a fresh and ambitious direction in architectural education – MARSH.

Many Russian clients prefer to work with foreign architects and I wondered why. What is there that we do not have? How big is the difference?

There was no problem with the choice of training country, because many years of work with Italian manufacturers have nurtured in me the need to learn the language, to understand cultural aspects and interact with the beauty.

In addition, the admiration of studying in Italy is known to us from a large number of memoirs of famous Russian artists of different times. So how can one not be seduced by this?

The choice was between two institutions:

1) Politecnico di Milano – a large infrastructure prepares a large volume of specialists, but the presence at full-time lectures is 100%;

2) IUAV di Venezia – (first place in Italy among Universities for Architecture) offered the possibility to attend 70% of the lectures during the 2-year Master course.

It was decided to come to IUAV. It remained to wait for an answer from the university...