Francesco Molon: factory visit

Good day friends!
Recently I visited the factory of Francesco Molon, and today I want to share with you my impressions.
We have been working with the factory Francesco Molon for a long time. For many years we were located on the same street as the chic factory representative office in Moscow.

At the moment, the volume of SIO projects is growing, with the end of the year approaching, more and more clients come to us, so we visit the production facilities to control the quality of all processes and closely interact with our partners.

The factory is an hour from Venice, at the foot of the mountains and a 10-minute drive from the chamber town of Bassano Del Grappa.

We were met by a radiant representative of the factory, Cristina, who speaks excellent Russian.

We discussed the principles of work, exchanged views on market trends and the carpentry industry as a whole, talked to one of the brothers, Roberto Molon - the son of the founder, who is responsible for the commercial part of the company and direct management.

With Roberto we talked about the working conditions in turbulent times, quality control at all stages of production (an aspect that the factory is famous for), we touched upon the actual issues of supply chains and additional packaging of goods.
We then proceeded to the production site where we were shown the important phases of the projects: the hand carving, the selection of veneers on products within a single room, the inlaying of furniture with inlays of mother-of-pearl and metal profiles that refresh the modern design.

At all stages of production, we were accompanied by Francesco Molon – the founder and ideological mastermind of the factory - who, in his advanced age, still visits the production site daily and monitors the quality of all items produced personally.

This is where the key to success lies!
After the visit we were invited to the villa of Mr. Francesco Molon. The villa is about 600 m2 and is located on the territory of the factory and serves today as a museum-exhibition, because it has a large number of furniture items and interior solutions produced by the factory in different periods: since 1966 - the year of the factory's foundation.
In this villa the history of a big brand began. And the study where the founder dreamed and realized his ideas filled me with the energy of success and future victories!
The cherry on top of my visit to the factory was the display from the booth of this year's iSaloni del Mobile Milano 2022.
In the chamber space of the showroom collection is perceived differently - cozy environment, limited ceiling height focus attention on the purity of the geometry of lines, complex textures in the finish and architectural details, which are masterfully integrated by the architect Nicola Galizia into the furniture of each room, the main idea of which was to create a home in a single style.