Italy in my life

Good afternoon, dear friends!

A month has passed since I returned to study in Venice, and this thought prompted me to think about Italy.
Today I want to talk about how this beautiful country appeared in my life.

Back in my second year of university, when I was doing an internship at the university, I had the opportunity to work with Italian furniture suppliers on the Russian market.
Of course, you understand that the abundance of shapes, materials, an interesting combination of color textures and everything else in Italian brands looks as professional as possible from what is presented on the Russian market.

And most importantly, you understand that you want to work with it, and you get tremendous pleasure from this process and you increasingly want to integrate Italian brands into your projects.

It was from my professional interest that my love for Italian culture was born.
And then I started to discover the whole of Italy by traveling to all cities, landmarks, and factories.

Salone del Mobile Exhibition
Most of all I remember the first visit to the Italian exhibition iSaloni (Salone del Mobile) in Milan, which takes place every year.

One can find talented designers, exclusive furniture and premium materials.

I understood what I want to strive for in my projects and what partners I would like to work with.
Painting on wood
Visiting factories gives you the opportunity to see how the master painstakingly carves details from wood, covers them with gold leaf, polishes porcelain, and also covers the object with gold. And then from this a full-fledged product is obtained, the value of which is difficult to imagine.
Photograph: Aleksandra Kukushkina

Studying the culture of a country is, of course, associated with learning the language, because you want not just to communicate in English, but you want to communicate with the inhabitants of the country in their native language.

This is what motivated me to start learning the language and polish up my Italian, and later to enter the Master's program at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia - the best university of architecture in Venice, but I will talk about this in more detail in the next article.