Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell
Hello, dear friends!

My vacation in Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates and Germany turned out to be very eventful. I visited numerous museums and art galleries, and observed beautiful architectural buildings. I am greatly inspired by art. I realized that I wanted to share with you my favorite artists, architects and sculptors.
I’ll start my story with the American artist Joan Mitchell, whose works won me over a few years ago during the Art Basel international exhibition.

Joan Mitchell (12 February 1925 - 30 October 1992) was an American abstract expressionist artist and one of the few to receive critical acclaim worldwide.

Joan studied painting at the Art Institute in Chicago. In 1947 she moved to New York and received a scholarship to travel to Europe, which allowed her to improve her craft in France.
In 1958 she took part in the exhibition “Nature in Abstraction: The Relationship of Abstract Painting and Sculpture to Nature in American Art of the 20th Century” with her painting “Purity”, which the museum bought after the end of the exhibition.
A year later, Joan Mitchell moved to France, where she created all her subsequent paintings, despite numerous trips to America.
Joan Mitchell 
“When it is clear to me that a picture has meaning, then it means that it is a success. But I am unable to express this meaning in words”
Joan Mitchell was influenced by Van Gogh's style, so in her early years, her paintings were characterized by vigorous brushstrokes, bright colors and emotional style.

From 2005 to 2015, Joan Mitchell’s paintings were sold for over $286 million.
Joan Mitchell 
Joan Mitchell 
Joan's paintings are kept in major museums and collections in the US and Europe, and some of her works were sold at the Art Basel exhibition, which we visit with the SIO team from year to year, but more on that later.