Home Fragrances

Hello my dear friends!

Today I want to share with you my recommendations for choosing such an important component of the interior, as a fragrance for the home.

Fragrances in interiors can change the vision as well as the feeling and impression of the visual. In this way, they complement the space and help achieve the desired effect.

I will tell you about the fragrances that I personally choose and that I use in my home and office.
Mor Emporium Classics – Snow Gardenia

A fragrance of bergamot, white gardenia, angelica, juniper berries, notes of sandalwood, vanilla, ylang-ylang and amber.

A classic, floral fragrance that will add lightness and a sense of sophistication to your space.
Voluspa Makassar – Ebony&Peach

The base of the fragrance is ebony, which has magical properties. Peach and apple add juiciness to the fragrance, so the fragrance will perfectly refresh the interior.
Voluspa Santal – Vanille

A classic fragrance, suitable for those who choose stability. The warm, soft, enveloping fragrance of vanilla will give a feeling of comfort.