Olive House Residential Complex

Friends, good day to all!

Many people know that we participate in various nominations and recently we received a very nice letter.

Our project at the Olive House won the Golden Trezzini 2022 award in the category "Best completed interior design of an apartment or private home"!
Video from YouTube channel SIO Architectural Bureau.

Apartment in Olive House 120 sq.m.
Style: Modern chic
Location: Russia, Moscow, Residential Complex "Olive House".
The apartment is located in a club-type mansion near Tverskaya. The author's architecture of the building with elements of Art Deco, expensive facades and a solid lobby has created a quiet atmosphere of a high status private club. It was taken as the starting point in designing the interior for a couple with a child.
The interior really makes a well-balanced impression due to the natural range with warming shades of cinnamon and coffee. At the same time, every detail wants to be considered separately, and the noble textures do not let you get bored. The favorite of the living room is silk wallpaper on the walls with soft transitions of sandy tone from light to darker.

They, being a precious backdrop, set a high bar for the rest of the furnishings, where everything has to match it. For example, the kitchen area displays modern technology and natural materials. Dada brand kitchen with bespoke finishes. Appliances, V-Zug, Rimadesio dining table, B&B Italia chairs, Venicem chandelier.
As the finishing materials were used wood wall panels of precious wood, onyx Cappuccino with matrix lighting, Silver Wave marble, brass, fabrics and wallpaper of natural 100% silk Armani Casa factory, copper panels, carbon.