LIDO Island

Now I will tell you about my little trip to the island, which is near Venice.

To quench my thirst for the lack of nature, I went to the neighboring island of LIDO, which is 20 minutes away by vaporetto (local public transport by water).
The Lido is a long 12-kilometer island that separates the Venice Lagoon from the Adriatic, located about 1 kilometer from Venice. This location makes it a resort island, but outside of the hot summer season it is rarely visited.

The island is famous for its beaches and the annual Venice Film Festival, whose first ceremony was held back in 1932.
In 1920 Lido was the most famous island in Italy because of its aristocratic atmosphere. In fact, it is still felt on this island to this day.

Here Thomas Mann wrote "Death in Venice" and Visconti filmed the adaptation of this book in 1972. Here, incidentally, were filmed some fragments of "The English Patient" and a scene from the Bond film series "Casino Royale".
"The English Patient" was filmed in The Hotel Des Bains, one of the most notable Liberty-style mansions on the Lido. The hotel was considered a jewel of the 1920s.

Sadly, it stands derelict, but it is said to have been bought by a Western company for renovation... No development is in sight yet.
Another interesting hotel, with a Liberty style facade, is located on the main shopping and entertainment artery of the city, leading from the pier to the resort area, the Grand Viale. The hotel is called Ausonia Palace and was built in 1905.
Please note the interesting finish on the front of the furniture store. The finish is made with hand-painted ceramic tiles. It looks very cool!
The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest international film festival, founded in 1932 on the initiative of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The festival is held annually on the island of Lido.

Here, by the way, is the place where it takes place.