My Way. Part 2

Good day, friends!
With your permission I will continue my story.

The waiting for an answer was very exciting. And when the positive response came about enrolling in the course - sheer excitement!
The education turned out to be interesting, very intensive and in-depth. In comparison with the education in Russia, there are differences in the approach, grading, and what was surprising from the beginning: there are more subjects than it is necessary to pass to get a diploma - so the student has the opportunity to choose the subjects that are closer to him and in which he would be interested to develop.

The naive feeling that 70% of attendance at lectures will allow you to actively work and travel home on business was destroyed instantly in the first session. I had to reconsider the principles of company management and my priorities.

A large number of disciplines, high demands, knowledge of depth of material. Lectures begin at 9 am and are finished by 6 pm. In the evenings on weekdays and at weekends - performance of tasks, layouts, drawings, which are subsequently taken into account in passing the exam. At first, understanding of the lectures was at a low level due to the contrast of everyday language and technical-educational context, especially on structural mechanics and strength of materials. But gradually you get absorbed, and after a couple of months you are already in the subject))
Project work on the school in Mestre.
Each semester goes on increasing in complexity and reveals new frontiers in knowledge: petrography, Italian architectural history, archaeology, botany, composition in architecture, urban studies, the basics of Italian administrative law, the study of materials in architecture with subsequent types of restoration and laboratory work that takes place throughout the semester.

We work in a group of up to 3 people on the analysis of the real site and the surrounding area. For the defense, we need to create a project proposal based on existing competitions from communes of Italian cities from all over the world. It is said that if the project is recognized as a winner, a cash prize is due))
IUAV. Lectures
It's all an unspeakable experience!

I am sure that this stage will allow me not only to increase my knowledge in my favorite direction, but also to specify the goals of further movement forward from a new angle.

Don't be afraid to realize your dreams! Everything will work out for you.