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Good afternoon, dear friends!

I read a lot of interesting articles and studies on architecture and urban environment.
Today I would like to share with you the extracts, as well as my thoughts on The Boston Consulting Group's public report, "Survey of Comfortable Urban Environment Development in Moscow and Other World Cities", about which I have already spoken earlier.

The report was prepared by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an international management consulting company and a leading consultant on business strategy. The study talks about the comfort conditions of the world's capitals, especially Moscow.

The competitive advantages of the Russian capital are: a high level of security, the external appearance of the architecture of buildings and structures, the improvement of public spaces, and great opportunities for leisure activities.

The main purpose of investment in landscaping is to increase the level of comfort of citizens. In addition, there is also an impact on the economy through additional cash flow to the budget: thanks to the large number of tourists, visitors, as well as free city festivals, the revenues of retailers and caterers have increased.
The study was conducted within the framework of 2011-2018.

During this time period, Moscow showed progress on the following parameters:

  • Since 2011, the length of pedestrian streets in Moscow has increased by more than 5 times;
  • In the period from 2011 to 2017, outdoor lighting was equipped with more than 16 000 facilities, which brought Moscow into the top five most illuminated in the world;
  • More than 160,000 surveillance cameras were installed in the capital, this number is more than in New York, Paris and Berlin. According to this index, Moscow took fifth place;
  • The Russian capital ranks 2nd by the number of attractions, second only to Tokyo.
Analyzing the new habits of Muscovites, researchers emphasize:

  • Every third Muscovite began to engage in physical education and sports;
  • Muscovites began to go to festivals 10 times more often;
  • The number of pedestrians on well-appointed streets increased 4.5 times on average;
  • Muscovites began to use bicycle rental 23 times more often;
  • Now every third photo on landscaped streets is taken in the dark.

ยน Public report The Boston Consulting Group "Study of the development of comfortable urban environment in Moscow and other cities around the world

The team had a very interesting study! It would be great to know by how much these indicators have increased by 2023.