SIO Partners: Rugiano

Good afternoon, dear friends!

Today, on the plane, while flying to Munich, I thought about the fact that I want to talk more about SIO partners, because the key to the company's success is not only a well-built strategy, communication with customers, constant self-improvement, but also continuous work with companies that have proven themselves on the market.

For more than 15 years SIO has been working with numerous Italian luxury brands of furniture, lighting, and materials that are valued all over the world.

One of such brands is Rugiano. This Italian premium furniture factory has been on the market for almost 20 years.

I really like the history of Rugiano, which began in 1989 when Luigi Rugiano, the owner of the brand, decided to create a successful company specializing in the production of elegant furniture.

The philosophy of Rugiano is reflected in every piece of furniture: refined finishes, attention to detail, refinement of handicrafts, the use of new materials and the reinterpretation of classics.
Бhe Rugiano brand is synonymous with style: one that originates in outstanding and unique creations, designed to be timeless, precious and of the highest quality.
Rugiano pays special attention to the forms of marble, flowing shapes, hand-painted countertops and elegant chandeliers where precious crystal drops of lights are combined with leather and metal trim.
The quality of Rugiano starts with the materials. All production processes are controlled and all components are checked. The brand carefully selects noble materials such as bronze, brass, steel, as well as leather and fabrics of the highest quality.
At SIO, we share the Rugiano philosophy. Quality, sophistication, uniqueness and excellent materials - this is what underlies our work and what the team and I pay attention to in the first place.
That is why for cooperation, I personally carefully choose only those partners whose products I admire and use personally. And I really appreciate it when clients fully support and trust the brands that we use in our projects.